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Liquid Lipo Fat Dissolve Gel is a non-surgical fat dissolve gel, not like mass-produced hot and cold gels that have been the only options thus far. This is revolutionary! It travels through the epidermal layers and allows the fat to secrete out, like injections but faster, safer, and more effective. It works in 96% of cases in less than 2 hours at home or in just 30 min with cavitation.


Directions for Application and Use

Liquid Lipo Fat dissolve gel is a topical serum that is used in conjunction with plastic wrap and compression.For optimal results:

Do not drink alcohol for 24 hours before a treatment and 72 hours after. The science behind this recommendation: The liver aids in expelling the bi-product of the lipids (melted fat). However, it will process the toxins of alcohol first, slowing down results.

Do drink a minimum of 2 liters of water after each treatment. More is recommended if you are able. The better hydrated, the faster the body will expel lipids. It is a good idea to begin drinking water in the days proceeding as well.

Do not use any lotions or oils prior to the treatment

Dry brush your body to stimulate your lymphatic drainage system. The lymphatic system works to move the lipids to your liver and kidneys for expulsion.

Wrap the treated area with 5 layers of plastic wrap. This insulates the product and ensures full absorption

Use compression during and after the treatment. The compression aids in pushing the lipids toward the lymph nodes as well as holding the skin in place as it regenerates to its new size. Waist trainer/ace bandages/foundation undergarments are a few examples of things that work well

Contraindications for product use:


High Blood Pressure

Autoimmune Disease

Liquid Lipo Sample

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